A family Man

Married 19 Years to his beautiful wife

2 beautiful daughters

sold 3200 homes since 1999

sold 100s' of homes during 2008 
real estate crash

For the last 19 years Chris Curry has been selling real estate, training Realtors on how to improve their business and growing his family.
Here is his story! 
Who is Chris Curry
My Bio
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Free Cheat Sheet: 7 Proven Steps To Living a Life Filled With Purpose, Service, and Leadership
How to mow 10 acres….a kid's point of view!
I was kid #4, then my mom had 4 more. That makes me the MIDDLE kid. I had to do a lot to stand out with so many kids as competition. Mom loved hugs and back rubs. So, I became the kid who gave mom the best hugs. Click to read more. 
How I got my College Degree from the Library
My dad shared with me some of the best advice when I was about 12 or 13 years old. He said, "Smart people put their best knowledge into books. A person wants to create a legacy, and when they write a book, that's their legacy, and they put their heart and soul into them.
So READ them and LEARN!”  Click to read more.
How a Traffic Ticket Almost Ruined my Career
My dad could be fierce, and he had rules that we had to follow if we lived under his roof. He told me, if you get a ticket, I will take away your license for SIX months. Click here to read more.

Going from being the pudgy business owner to 
a fit and healthy kite-surfing expert! 
I was raised in a huge family where everything, including food, was rationed out. The ice cream was cut with a knife to make sure we all got the same amount. There was enough food for all of us, but not seconds. Junk food was super expensive, so we had homemade cookies and desserts instead of the super popular store made desserts.
My Dad said Plants NOT Real Estate
My dad was the one who planted the seed of my real estate career, in a roundabout way!

My dad liked to have meetings with all of his kids, he would sit down and discuss things with us for hours. He encouraged all his kids to think, to plan, to go the extra mile and to figure things out.

How does Framing out a Window Relate to  Out of the Box Thinking?
It was summer, and I was 14! A magical age where you still own the world. A friend called me to come have a sleep over, but my Dad had a better idea, stay home and build a window! This was when I started getting very good at negotiations. Dad agreed, "Chris when this window is trimmed out, looks perfect, and it's ready for painting you can go to your friend's house." Click here to read more. 
""Anything worth ANYTHING,  takes TIME!"- Chris Curry
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